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The Problem

How Can We Reposition Our Skill Sets to Grow?


of respondents say education systems have done little or nothing to help address the skills shortage issue



of employees apply new skills learned in company’s L&D programs to their jobs 



of employees report that they don’t have the skills needed to do their jobs



MOOCs completion rate is extremely LOW.

MOOCs and Coursera and other online learning platforms don’t cater to different learning styles and backgrounds.

The Solutions

Blockchain, AI, and ML Personalized Career Advising

User-controlled Lifelong Learning Data Hub grows with the learner

xD-Hub: Blockchain-Anchored Identity/Data Hubs

Persistent, Secure, Private, and Machine-Readable Verifiable Resume Hub

Contextualized skills and competency​

xD-Graph: Skills and Competency Knowledge Graph

An ever-growing Semantic Knowledge Graph, that contextualizes skills, competencies, and jobs

The Machine Learning Engine makes personalized recommendations

xD-Sense: Machine Learning Engine

Combines learner data and competency frameworks to make personalized recommendations

For Parents & Students

Digital Credential Hub

xD-Hub:  is the first of its kind blockchain-powered identity hub, that gives students to control their credentials forever

Intelligent Learning Recommendations

xD-Sense:  Identifies skill and knowledge gaps and recommends content to students

Career Readiness Pathways

xD-Graph: analyzes students skills and knowledge giving actionable insights to make their next career move

For High Schools, Colleges and Universities

Curriculum Analytics

xD-Graph analyzes course content  using NLP and Knowledge Graphs to create skills and competency frameworks

Alumni Analytics

xD-Sense helps schools figure out how their alumni are doing in the job market, helping schools with their career counseling efforts

Portable Credentials

xD-Hub allow schools to issue lifelong cryptographically verifiable credentials

For Employers and Recruiters

360-Degree Talent View

xD-Sense uses data from a candidates data hub and compares it with the employers requirements

Learning & Development Feedback

xD-Sense creates custom plans to upskill each employee, specific to their job, skills, and context

Data Security & Data Privacy

xDemic ensures privacy by design, adhering to the strictest security certifications and privacy laws in existence

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